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Cego is an open source implementation of a relational and transactional database system using an object oriented software design.

Cego supports SQL query requests using all common programming interfaces (C, C++, DBD, Java). The system architecture is multi-threaded based on POSIX threads and is designed for high end performance and availability.

For versions of the database 2.13.x and above, work has very been focused on database performance. On my current computer (Apple iMac with Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.66 GHz), the following results have been observed for tables with 2 columns (int and varchar(30)) through the whole stack:

  • Native insert performance of up to 3400 rows per sec
  • Native select performance of up to 120000 rows per sec

I purchased my iMac in 2009 so the CPU technology is not really state of the art. It is expected that if, using current available CPU technology, throughput performance would be greatly improved.

For high availability requirements, Cego supports a distributed database shadowing feature similar to some high-cost commercial products.

Overall, Cego provides functionality found only in high-end commercial products.

For a detailed description of the database, please see the online documentation available on this page in the documentation section.