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Category Date Version Log
cego 15.03.2020 2.45.12 Version released
cego 14.03.2020 2.45.12 Patch in update with return clause. It seems to be useful, that in combination with return, update should return after first matching tuple providing the updated tuple in the return clause. So the values for the tuple can be stored in procedure variables.
create table t1 ( a int, b string(30));
insert into t1 values ( 1, 'DONE');
insert into t1 values ( 2, 'DONE');
insert into t1 values ( 3, 'WAIT');
insert into t1 values ( 4, 'DONE');
insert into t1 values ( 5, 'WAIT');
update t1 set b = 'DONE' where b = 'WAIT' return :a = a; 
Just the tuple with a = 3 is update and the value of a is returned in the procedure variable :a
cego 27.01.2020 2.45.11 Version released
cego 27.01.2020 2.45.11 Fix in CegoFieldValue::negate, for FIXED_TYPE values, trailing zeros have to be treated. Otherwise, select null - a from t1 where a = 0.10 will result in 0.1
cego 21.01.2020 2.45.10 Version released
cego 21.01.2020 2.45.10 Fix in CegoBtreeManager for duplicate null handling. The corresponding btree value has to be checked to be null. For this, the method CegoBTreeValue::isNull has been introduced
cegobridge 30.11.2019 1.5.4 Version released
cego 30.11.2019 2.45.9 Version released
cego 30.11.2019 2.45.9 Fix in CegoBTreeManager, the allowDuplicateNull flag was not treated any more. The duplicate handling has been moved from CegoBtreeNode to CegoBtreeManager
cegobridge 25.11.2019 1.5.4 Fixes in MySQLFormatter to treat several datatypes and default values