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This section provides some small workshops for specific issues regarding the cego database system.
The specials will be published on a monthly base and are provided according to my own work and experiences with the database system.


Special June 2016 - Token splitting with getpos and substr
Special July 2016 - Tableset export and import modes
Special August 2016 - Date format customization
Special September 2016 - Managing database online backups and restores
Special October 2016 - Avoiding deadlocks with update sync
Special November 2016 - Basic tableset administration
Special December 2016 - Understanding the database bufferpool
Special January 2017 - Exploring the join execution plan
Special July 2017 - Null value handling
Special August 2017 - Using counters
Special September 2017 - Exception handling in stored procedures
Special January 2019 - Simple logfile rotation