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Change log for Cego DBD Driver
Category Date Version Log
cegodbd 07.11.2017 1.4.0 Version released
cegodbd 05.11.2017 1.4.0 Adaptions for support of lfcbase-1.11.0
cegodbd 25.04.2015 1.3.0 Version released
cegodbd 04.11.2014 1.2.9 Version released
cegodbd 04.11.2014 1.2.9 Modifications in Cego.xs to support newer releases of DBI
cegodbd 02.11.2013 1.2.8 Version released
cegodbd 02.11.2013 1.2.8 Added quote escape handling to the bind method, so quotes can be used in string variables as normal characters.
cegodbd 20.10.2013 1.2.7 Version released
cegodbd 19.10.2013 1.2.7 Fix for trailing parameters like select a from t1 where a = ? Without a closing semicolon, the parameter was not resolved correctly. Workaround : select a from t1 where a = ?;
cegodbd 09.07.2013 1.2.6 Version released
cegodbd 09.07.2013 1.2.6 Changed Makefile.pl to dynamic library linking
cegodbd 04.07.2013 1.2.5 Add query string normalization to alloq queries with or without trailing semicolon
cegodbd 24.06.2013 1.2.4 Update with xsi-patch by Kurt Jaeger aka pi
cegodbd 28.05.2013 1.2.3 Version released
cegodbd 28.05.2013 1.2.3 Added null value handling to bind procedure Sample : bind_param(1, undef, SQL_VARCAHR) to bind a null value to the first place holder.
cegodbd 19.05.2013 1.2.2 Version released
cegodbd 16.05.2013 1.2.1 Adaptions for renamned lfcbase class
cegodbd 21.11.2010 1.1.14 Fixes in XS-Code to compile clean for Ubuntu and Mac OSX
cegodbd 18.09.2010 1.1.13 Fixed a compiliation problem with new Cego C++ API 2.6.14
cegodbd 17.09.2010 1.1.12 Changed cego access methods in accordance to Cego version 2.6.14
cegodbd 05.09.2010 1.1.10 Support for lfc
cegodbd 14.06.2010 1.1.8 Fix for null values. Add drop if exists clause to test scenarios to avoid error messages. Since the generation of the Cego.xsi file lead to compilation problems with gcc 4.x, this file was patches and is no more generated on the fly.
cegodbd 13.05.2010 1.2.0 Adaptions made for cego-2.13 ( support of serial network protocol )
cegodbd 02.04.2010 1.1.15 Small change for parameter binding. If a parameter position is not set up via bind_param, a null value is set for the position ( instead of error message "missing parameter at position xxx" )
cegodbd 03.07.2009 1.1.7 Improved exception handling
cegodbd 23.05.2009 1.1.6 Added support for AFFECTED and MSG attribute in stmt handle
cegodbd 04.05.2009 1.1.5 Adaptions for cego version 2.3.2
cegodbd 13.08.2007 1.1.2 Adaptions for modified enumerations in CegoDbHandler
cegodbd 26.06.2007 1.1.1 Adaptions for relocated network classes Net and NetHandler in base 1.0.16
cegodbd 26.06.2007 1.1.0 Tests of DBD-cego on Solaris x86. Some little problems with Makefile.PL finish call required for statements
cegodbd 13.04.2007 1.0.2 Completed procedure out-parameter handling Added corresponding test 09bindinout
cegodbd 03.04.2007 1.0.1 Implemented transaction handling Added more test cases