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Change log for Cego Java Admin
Category Date Version Log
cegojadm 17.12.2012 1.5.0 Added BUStat Info to tableset menu ( requires cego version 2.15.x )
cegojadm 15.09.2012 1.4.0 Version released. This version is required in combination with cego version 2.14.x
cegojadm 09.09.2012 1.3.2 Added db threadinfo last action popup for db thread info panel
cegojadm 04.09.2012 1.3.0 Version released
cegojadm 26.08.2012 1.2.3 Complete code review and redesign to adapt to current cego backend
cegojadm 26.08.2012 1.2.2 initial entry