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Change log for Cego JDBC Driver
Category Date Version Log
cegojdbc 30.04.2018 1.8.2 Version released
cegojdbc 30.04.2018 1.8.2 Improvement in class CegoNet::receiveDoc, If the message buffer exceeds, instead of an exception now the message buffer is reallocated. This avoids any definition dependency between database server and JDBC driver to correlate the appropriate buffer sizes.
cegojdbc 27.04.2018 1.8.1 Version released
cegojdbc 27.04.2018 1.8.1 Patch in CegoSerialTokenizer::nextToken , _pos has to be checked for less than _stream.length in while loop
cegojdbc 25.04.2018 1.8.0 Version released ( supports cego 2.40.0 )
cegojdbc 24.04.2018 1.8.0 Support added for cego version 2.40.0
cegojdbc 23.03.2018 1.7.9 Version released
cegojdbc 22.03.2018 1.7.9 Improvements for clob handling ( put clob to database )
cegojdbc 08.03.2018 1.7.8 Version released
cegojdbc 08.03.2018 1.7.8 Fix in CegoNet.closeSession, disconnect method call was added to close finally the socket descriptor. Otherwise this may lead to socket leaks with the error message "too many open sockets"
cegojdbc 06.03.2018 1.7.7 Version released
cegojdbc 06.03.2018 1.7.7 Fix in CegoNet.getClob, the full msgSize has to put to setBytes method, otherwise large are getting corrupted in case of multiple message chunks
cegojdbc 05.03.2018 1.7.6 Version released
cegojdbc 05.03.2018 1.7.6 Fix in CegoClob method setBytes, The copy operation was not correctly done
cegojdbc 01.03.2018 1.7.5 Version released
cegojdbc 28.02.2018 1.7.5 Added implementation for several clob relevant methods and like ResultSet.getClob, Clob.getCharacterStream and others
cegojdbc 26.02.2018 1.7.4 Version released
cegojdbc 26.02.2018 1.7.4 Consolidation of methodes CegoNet::connect and CegoNet::requestSession. This is just an small optimization for connection establishment
cegojdbc 21.02.2018 1.7.3 Version released
cegojdbc 21.02.2018 1.7.3 Improvements made regarding network IO handling. Instead of using PrintStream for socket output, now native ByteStream is used. It has been observed, that PrintStream seems to have some overhead and slows down network communication significantly. Many parallel threads writing sockets in parallel may lead to an hanging IO ( observed on SUSE Linux ) Furthermore, the P() and V() semmaphore methods in CegoNet have been removed. Instead, for the critical regions, synchronized methods are used now. At all, this patch lead to a much better driver performance, especially for linux based systems
cegojdbc 02.02.2018 1.7.2 Version released
cegojdbc 02.02.2018 1.7.2 Switched to sl4j API
cegojdbc 10.11.2017 1.7.1 Version released
cegojdbc 10.11.2017 1.7.1 Support added for jdom2 and simple log4j
cegojdbc 08.11.2017 1.7.1 Upgrade of 3rd party jars ( JDOM-2.0.6 and log4j ( switch to slf4j ))
cegojdbc 13.12.2016 1.7.0 Version released
cegojdbc 13.12.2016 1.7.0 Adaptions for cego 2.32.0 ( clob and blob reference handling )
cegojdbc 11.08.2016 1.6.1 Version released
cegojdbc 11.08.2016 1.6.1 Added datetime format parameter evaluation to CegoNet ( _dtFormat )
cegojdbc 05.02.2016 1.6.0 Version released ( clob ready, but still unimplemented clob methods)
cegojdbc 28.12.2014 1.5.5 Treated exception for exceeded blob pages
cegojdbc 27.12.2014 1.5.4 Version released
cegojdbc 27.12.2014 1.5.4 Added methods for blob handling with input stream
cegojdbc 18.10.2014 1.5.3 Version released
cegojdbc 18.10.2014 1.5.3 Fixes for CegoBlob added
cegojdbc 16.10.2014 1.5.3 Cleanup of several unimplemented methods in CegoCallableStatement
cegojdbc 21.09.2014 1.5.2 Version released
cegojdbc 21.09.2014 1.5.2 Added pseudo implementation for CegoConnection.getTypeMap to satisfy DBPool implementation of snaq.net
cegojdbc 12.10.2013 1.5.1 Driver released
cegojdbc 03.10.2013 1.5.1 If the ResultSet was not properly closed by the user, a session leak occurs. So if a valid Result Set exits for an executed statment, it is closed now in any case in CegoStatement::close()
cegojdbc 07.09.2013 1.5.0 Version released
cegojdbc 06.09.2013 1.5.0 Added charset option to URL string. This allows to use a dedicated charset for character encoding or UTF-8 as default
cegojdbc 29.04.2013 1.4.8 Version released
cegojdbc 23.04.2013 1.4.8 Small patch in class CegoStatement method getResultSet. If no rows habe been selected, an empty result set is created now instead of resturing a null pointer.
cegojdbc 18.02.2013 1.4.7 Driver testsuite improvements
cegojdbc 15.02.2013 1.4.6 Session cleanup for forked connections
cegojdbc 14.02.2013 1.4.5 Version released
cegojdbc 14.02.2013 1.4.5 Added support for nested queries within one database connection. If a nested statement ist executed while another statement is open for the same connection, a new connection is forked to the database server. This allows to execute all nested statements in parallel.
cegojdbc 06.09.2012 1.4.4 Version released
cegojdbc 06.09.2012 1.4.4 Small fix for CegoResultSet in case of empty query results. In this case, the metaData variable is allocated with an empty field array ( instead of leaving a null pointer ) public CegoResultSet() { List fl = new LinkedList(); _metaData = new CegoResultSetMetaData(fl); }
cegojdbc 14.07.2012 1.4.2 Driver version released
cegojdbc 13.07.2012 1.4.2 According to cego-2.13.4, changed separator sign for serial encoding from ! to ^ and introduced SER_EESCAPE encoding
cegojdbc 13.07.2012 1.4.1 New driver released. This driver contains some fixes for the serial protocol implementation. An improved DriverTest main class has been implemeted to check the driver with a database backend
cegojdbc 02.07.2012 1.4.1 Some small performance improvements on the driver. Instead of hash table, the row data is stored into an array. The speeds up read performance for another second regarding a select query with 500k tuples as the result set ( from 6 sec to 5 sec ) It has been analyzed, that the driver calculation on client side now is about 1 second for 500k tuple. Further improvements can be done on server side to increase read performance regarding high volume results ( class CegoDbHandler and base class Net can be implemented more efficient by avoiding expensive memory copy operations ... )
cegojdbc 01.07.2012 1.4.0 New driver released
cegojdbc 30.06.2012 1.4.0 First performance comparison indicates the difference between XML and serial protocol XML === Cego JDBC Driver Test Basic select test ... 510135 rows => 13.344 sec Serial ====== Cego JDBC Driver Test Basic select test ... 510135 rows => 5.678 sec
cegojdbc 30.06.2012 1.4.0 Serial protocol expansion for procedures and blobs done
cegojdbc 29.06.2012 1.4.0 Added class CegoEscapeTokenizer to extend StringTokenizer. This allows to handle escapes for the delimiter character which is required by the serial protocol CegoDatagram was renamed to CegoNetMsg. This class should encapsulate all protocol logic including XML keywords.
cegojdbc 29.06.2012 1.4.0 Added support for the serial protocol Basic queries work, still something to do for more sophisticed queries like procedures and blobs
cegojdbc 07.07.2011 1.3.4 Protocol adaptions for correct character encoding ( problems with umlauts φόδ )
cegojdbc 05.12.2010 1.3.0 New implementation of the XML base protocol. Instead of JDOM, a native and reduced XML parser is used now. It was expected to achieve some performance improvements, which is still under investigation. The protocols can be switched in the Constant class by enabling one of the datagram values. public static int DATAGRAM_JDOM = 1; public static int DATAGRAM_XMLNATIVE = 2; // public static int DATAGRAM_SET = DATAGRAM_JDOM; public static int DATAGRAM_SET = DATAGRAM_XMLNATIVE;
cegojdbc 28.06.2010 1.2.20 Changed to AES encyption ready for Cego version 2.6.1
cegojdbc 30.05.2010 1.3.2 Make some protocol adaptions required to support cego-2.9.x
cegojdbc 27.05.2010 1.3.1 Fixed some protocol bugs, which have been detected with the new protocol implementation.
cegojdbc 23.05.2009 1.2.18 Elimination of SQLClientInfoException for compliance to JRE 5
cegojdbc 23.05.2009 1.2.16 Sync to current cego version
cegojdbc 16.02.2009 1.2.18 CegoStatement::getWarnings returns null value, is warning list is empty
cegojdbc 16.12.2007 1.2.9 Fixed some protocol problems ocured with MetaDB info requests
cegojdbc 16.12.2007 1.2.8 The JDBC driver now basically works with the SQuirrel frontend. There is still a lot of work to complete the driver implementation
cegojdbc 15.12.2007 1.2.8 Extensions and fixes to make cegojdbc work with the SQuirrel utility
cegojdbc 02.12.2007 1.2.8 Added implementation of acceptsUrl in class CegoDriver
cegojdbc 14.10.2007 1.2.0 Fixed some bugs in network protocol Added some more exception handling Introduced log4j
cegojdbc 16.06.2007 1.1.0 Adapted driver for network protocol change
cegojdbc 03.06.2007 1.0.4 Added valid resultset for executeQuery calls with any update query
cegojdbc 25.03.2007 1.0.3 Changed authorization protocol for cego db version 1.0.9 Public release
cegojdbc 27.01.2007 1.0.2 Started HTML documentation of the driver Small fixes in CegoStatement class Fixed function return value handling
cegojdbc 20.01.2007 1.0.1 Further tests of the Driver during development of the jacc sample application Added BigDecimal handling Fixed function return value handling