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Change log for Dragon parser generator
Category Date Version Log
dragon 10.11.2017 1.4.3 Version released
dragon 10.11.2017 1.4.3 Changed generated Java code to abstract class with abstract methods, which have been implemented by the parser action subclass. This seems to be a cleaner modeling
dragon 10.11.2017 1.4.2 Version released
dragon 10.11.2017 1.4.2 New generated configure script with libtool-2.4.6
dragon 03.01.2016 1.4.1 Patch in configure.ac just relevant for FreeBSD compiles, since for configure /bin/sh is used, which cannot handle LDFLAGS+= " $LFC_LIBS" assignment. Instead LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS $LFC_LIBS" is used now Version released
dragon 02.01.2016 1.4.0 Version released ( adaptions for mingw build )
dragon 20.05.2013 1.3.10 Version released
dragon 20.05.2013 1.3.10 Include path adaption
dragon 19.05.2013 1.3.9 Version released
dragon 20.06.2011 1.3.8 Warning elemination for clang++ compiler
dragon 18.09.2010 1.3.7 Changed access path for lfc library to plain lib path
dragon 05.09.2010 1.3.5 Support for lfc classes
dragon 08.08.2010 1.3.4 Small fix for exception throw message in case of parse errors.
dragon 15.04.2009 1.3.3 Small fix in generated parser code. the _isReserved flag is reset to false before starting new parse run ( in case of exception inside string handling )
dragon 13.02.2009 1.3.2 In some complex grammars with epsilon productions definitions, the first set calculation may lead to an infinite loop. This has been fixed with this release.
dragon 13.02.2009 1.3.1 In some complex grammars with epsilon productions definitions, the first set calculation may lead to an infinite loop. This has been fixed with this release.
dragon 28.08.2007 1.3.0 Completed LALR parse analysis. As expected, analyse performance increases dramatically and generated parse table shrinks to about 15-20% ( based on generated Cego parser ) Still have to check out if generated code is correct and useful
dragon 27.08.2007 1.3.0 Started with implementation of LALR parse analysis.
dragon 12.08.2007 1.2.11 Added escape token for special regular expressions containing reserved control characters
dragon 11.08.2007 1.2.11 With GNU C compiler 3.4.6, a segmentation fault occured with large parse tables To avoid this problem, the option -y has been introduced to generate parser code with dynamic allocated parse tables
dragon 18.06.2007 1.2.10 Optimization for generated code done. Now parse table is loaded in a static array which leads to a dramatically improved startup performance Startup time has been observed 7 times faster for large parsers and parallel load ( Cego with 1640x132 x 30 threads : dynamic = 7 min startup, static = 1 minute startup )
dragon 15.06.2007 1.2.9 Some optimization done for analysing performance Changed some call-by-value method parameters to call-by-reference ( Dragon::getJump, FirstHast::getFirstSet and Dragon::getClosure ) This lead to about 7% performance improvement
dragon 28.05.2007 1.2.9 Added Exception throw to nextChar and shiftToken methods
dragon 06.05.2007 1.2.8 Tests of Java code generation for Tracx parser finished Public release
dragon 28.04.2007 1.2.8 Fixes for Java code generation
dragon 24.01.2007 1.2.7 Catched missing grammar defintion in Main Clustered parser table load in generated C++ code for better compile performance Indent format corrections in generated code
dragon 14.01.2007 1.2.6 Minor corrections in error messages Public release
dragon 09.12.2006 1.2.5 Compiler Cleanup for Forte C++ ( Solaris )
dragon 04.12.2006 1.2.4 Make dragon conform to base 1.0.4
dragon 06.11.2006 1.2.3 Check of recursive usage of useless productions added. ( prod -> prod IDENTIFIER was nor detected as useless, if prod was not used in other productions )
dragon 16.10.2006 1.2.2 Changed '$'-Token to 'ENDTOKEN'-Token for Compiler compatibility
dragon 10.10.2006 1.2.1 Some small documentation fixes have been done
dragon 09.10.2006 1.2.0 New code runs. Java based parser basically tested.
dragon 07.10.2006 1.2.0 Implementation of Java code generation done. Still untested.