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Category Date Version Log
croomios 21.10.2014 1.1.0 Many improvements regarding stabability and design
Added message cache cleaner
cego 19.10.2014 2.20.16 Added utility function blobsize for retrieving blob size information
croomadt 19.10.2014 1.1.0 Added basic support for media message transfer
Lift up to version 1.1.0, since this feature uses new server protocol
croomios 19.10.2014 1.1.0 Many patches added to support media messages
Since this is a protocol expansion, version set up to 1.1.0
croomios 18.10.2014 1.0.4 More work on message view controller to support media messages
cegojdbc 18.10.2014 1.5.3 Version released
cego 18.10.2014 2.20.15 Version released
cego 18.10.2014 2.20.15 Added restricted acces for JDBC information requests
The jdbc role now is required to perform any JDBC information requests.
cego 18.10.2014 2.20.15 A problem occured with inner and outer joins if the same table occurs two times or more in the query
For the CegoAttrComp class, the tablealias name additionally is stores now to evaluate, if the compare is appripriate for the corresponding table
cegojdbc 18.10.2014 1.5.3 Fixes for CegoBlob added