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Category Date Version Log
croomios 15.09.2014 1.0.0 - Added message encoding for emoticons and umlaute
- Improved network connection setup including UIActivityIndicator
- Improved message view layout
croomios 15.09.2014 1.0.0 First successful deployment and test on IPhone5 device
croomios 14.09.2014 1.0.0 Improved user admin panels, added additional information to home mask
croomsrv 14.09.2014 1.0.0 Created croom tableset on vserv2
cego 14.09.2014 2.20.14 Version released
cego 14.09.2014 2.20.14 - Fix in CegoQueryHelper::decodeFVL to treat also decodings for field value list in switched order ( btree or index fvl ) - Fix in CegoAction::execIndexCheck to conform to new object comparison in CegoDatabaseManager::ObjectRecord - Fix in CegoTableManager::deleteDataTable to check for inappropriate AttrCond before executing tablecursor setup
cego 13.09.2014 2.20.14 Fix in CegoDatabaseManager::Object::operator == Index comparisons corrected ( index can either match uindex, pindex or index, btree can either match ubtree, pbtree or btree )
croomios 13.09.2014 1.0.0 Added App and Launch Icon, added services for pwd setting, completed implementation of message delivery
croomios 12.09.2014 1.0.0 More work in user and group administration
croomsrv 12.09.2014 1.0.0 Added AES encryption code from to project