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Category Date Version Log
croomsrv 18.12.2014 2.0.0 Started with user admin panel implementation
croomsrv 17.12.2014 2.0.0 Started Vaadin based implementation, complete code copy to eclipse project
cego 06.12.2014 2.20.18 Version released
cego 05.12.2014 2.20.18 Added more detailed log information for tableset import and export operation
cego 16.11.2014 2.20.17 Version released
cego 15.11.2014 2.20.17 Change for primary and secondary host evaluation.
Instead if comparing gethostbyname, the defined dbhost value is used.
This makes sense, especially, if the configured dbhost does not match with the result value of gethostbyname ( e.g. is multiple hostnames are configured on a database server )
cegodbd 04.11.2014 1.2.9 Version released
cegodbd 04.11.2014 1.2.9 Modifications in Cego.xs to support newer releases of DBI
croomios 27.10.2014 1.1.1 Catched pictures messages with no title ( msgtext == nil )
croomsrv 27.10.2014 1.1.2 Removed MSGCONFIRM message from server, since this message is actually not used and may confuse the protocol.
croomadt 27.10.2014 1.1.3 Added status thread for status updates in message view
Layout improvements in message view.
Synchronizing improvements in request handler class
croomsrv 26.10.2014 1.1.1 Version released
croomadt 26.10.2014 1.1.2 Version released
croomadt 26.10.2014 1.1.2 Message bubble correction to synchronize with iOS bubble design
croomsrv 26.10.2014 1.1.1 Improvements regarding session cleanup
croomadt 26.10.2014 1.1.2 Improvements regarding session recovery
croomadt 24.10.2014 1.1.2 Fix in CroomMessageView, messages are just added locally, if confirmation to server was succesful
croomsrv 24.10.2014 1.1.1 - Fix in view croom_unreadmsgview, instead of msgid_send, msgid_confirmed must be evaluated
- Optimization push message service, added rowlimit 10 to select to avoid pushing too many messages with one service request
croomadt 24.10.2014 1.1.0 Version released
croomsrv 24.10.2014 1.1.0 Version released