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Category Date Version Log
cego 27.08.2014 2.20.12 Recovery added for check constraints and foreign keys
cego 26.08.2014 2.20.12 Corrections for btree recovery, btree creation was not performed correctly during tableset recovery. Tableset autocorrect mode is enabled on default now ( by define tableset )
sysmt 20.08.2014 5.2.0 Added constraint check for system set admin panel
sysmt 19.08.2014 5.2.0 Added duplicate check for thread group admin panel
sysmt 18.08.2014 5.2.0 Added valo theme support
sysmt 04.08.2014 5.1.9 Added workaround for Vaadin 7.2.x tabsheet bug.
sysmt 04.08.2014 5.1.9 Added target sid / set information for clone confirmation panel.
sysmt 07.07.2014 5.1.8 New ticket trace URL for tabsheet problem
cego 29.06.2014 2.20.11 Version released
cego 29.06.2014 2.20.11 Some code cleanup and corrections in sample/gate mkdb scritps
sysmt 22.06.2014 5.1.8 Tabsheet problem still occurs with Vaadin Version 7.2.3
sysmt 21.06.2014 5.1.8 Calendar query was fixed and modified to catch complete set of mt entries for corresponding month matrix. Two database procedures have been introduced ( lowCal and highCal ) for mt boundary calculation. In combination with Oracle, some performance improvements have been observed.
sysmt 18.06.2014 5.1.8 Added refreshAll method to SysMTMaintain::dataInitial to clear edit area after maintain panel is selected
cego 14.06.2014 2.20.10 Version released
lfcbase 14.06.2014 1.5.10 Version released
sysmt 14.06.2014 5.1.8 TabSheet problem is tracked with Vaadin ticket #14012
sysmt 14.06.2014 5.1.8 Catched invalid file exception in SysMThread Document Uploader
sysmt 14.06.2014 5.1.8 Update to Vaadin 7.1.5. Vaadin 7.2.2 available, but there are some problems regarding disabled widgets in SysMTThread - AdvancedTabSheet ( Tab sheet can not be enabled after thread selection )
lfcbase 01.05.2014 1.5.10 Fixes in strptime.c for correct date handling
cego 20.04.2014 2.20.10 Small improvements for role management