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Category Date Version Log
sysmt 30.09.2014 5.2.0 Update to Vaadin 7.3.2
croomadt 30.09.2014 1.0.0 Added CroomMessageCache class to store retrieved message locally. More work on messenger view to show message sender and message ts
croomadt 28.09.2014 1.0.0 Basic message exchange works now ( also tested between iOS and Android )
croomadt 26.09.2014 1.0.0 First connection to croom server established
croomadt 26.09.2014 1.0.0 Completed Settings View
croomadt 25.09.2014 1.0.0 First analysis of Eclipse based ADT finished. Draft for croom application prototype including tab view, list view and messenger view completed
croomadt 25.09.2014 1.0.0 Initial entry
croom 22.09.2014 1.0.0 Confuguration of log4j logging, started croom server beta test on
croomios 22.09.2014 1.0.0 Adaptions for iPhone 4s
cegojdbc 21.09.2014 1.5.2 Version released
cegojdbc 21.09.2014 1.5.2 Added pseudo implementation for CegoConnection.getTypeMap to satisfy DBPool implementation of
croom 21.09.2014 1.0.0 Added db connection pool implementation from
croomios 20.09.2014 1.0.0 Added local notification
croom 18.09.2014 1.0.0 view corrections and additional information for roomforuser service
croomios 18.09.2014 1.0.0 More information added to user room view ( number of users, number of unread messages ), improvements of message view controller
croomios 16.09.2014 1.0.0 Added services for user modification and user deletion
croomios 15.09.2014 1.0.0 - Added message encoding for emoticons and umlaute
- Improved network connection setup including UIActivityIndicator
- Improved message view layout
croomios 15.09.2014 1.0.0 First successful deployment and test on IPhone5 device
croomios 14.09.2014 1.0.0 Improved user admin panels, added additional information to home mask
croom 14.09.2014 1.0.0 Created croom tableset on vserv2