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Category Date Version Log
cego 13.04.2014 2.20.9 Version released
cego 13.04.2014 2.10.9 Fixes on btree correction after crash recovery
cego 13.04.2014 2.20.9 Added btree correction to CegoDistManager::correctTable method
sysmt 10.04.2014 5.1.7 Update to Vaadin 7.1.13
sysmt 06.04.2014 5.1.7 Elimination of open cursor leaks by calling expicit close method,e.g Statement s = con.createStatement(); s.execute("delete from sysmt_bgright where bgid = " + _bgid); s.close(); Added missing rs.close() and s.close() in SysMTSystemSetInfo::getSidsForSet
cego 06.04.2014 2.20.9 Corrections were made for FreeBSD rc-script, cgadm online help completed
cego 05.04.2014 2.20.8 Version released
cego 04.04.2014 2.20.8 Corrections for recovery handling added regarding user functions
cego 03.04.2014 2.20.8 Corrections where made for recovery handling regarding invalidated index objects
cego 03.04.2014 2.20.8 Fix in CegoBTreeNode::shiftEntries. Replaced memcpy with memmove, since for Linux, memcpy does not treat overlapping areas.
cego 23.03.2014 2.20.8 Small fixes regarding tableset recovery ( handling of invalidated index objects )
cego 16.03.2014 2.20.7 Added patch for CegoBTreeCursor::getNext In case of open transactions, the cursor did not handle the affected entries correctly which might result in an infinite cursor loop.
sysmt 05.03.2014 5.1.7 Active group handling for thread management was changed. Please note : This resulted in a change of the database procedure newThread but also in the view sysmt_threadview. Reload of this objects is required.
sysmt 01.03.2014 5.1.6 Added thread standard search to filter by shortdesc
sysmt 01.03.2014 5.1.6 Small patch in SysMTDevice to avoid null pointer exception, Added filter expansion ( status and remind ) to thread search panel search by thread group
cego 25.02.2014 2.20.6 Version released
cego 24.02.2014 2.20.6 Added fix in CegoFunction::evalFieldValue for SUBSTR case to avoid stringbuf exceed exception. start and len parameters are set to string boundaries in case of invalid user input
cego 23.02.2014 2.20.6 Added csmode and qescmode flags for cego xml initialization Exception message fix in CegoFactor::evalFieldValue
cego 21.02.2014 2.20.5 Version released
cego 20.02.2014 2.20.5 Fix in CegoDatabaseManager::ObjectRecord::operator == , tabSetId added to comparison. This bug may lead to object exists messages in case of multi tableset configurations, where objects with the same name exists in several tablesets.