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Change log for Lemke Foundation Classes XML extension (LFCXML)
Category Date Version Log
lfcxml 10.11.2017 1.2.6 Version released
lfcxml 10.11.2017 1.2.6 New generated configure script with libtool-2.4.6
lfcxml 02.09.2017 1.2.5 Version released
lfcxml 02.09.2017 1.2.5 Small improvement in XMLSuite::nextChar to check for non-ASCII characters
lfcxml 14.05.2016 1.2.4 Version released
lfcxml 12.05.2016 1.2.4 More work on code format cleanup
lfcxml 07.05.2016 1.2.4 Code format cleanup, update of config.guess to timestamp='2016-04-02'
lfcxml 12.01.2016 1.2.3 Version released ( just a small patch in xmltest/Makefile.am )
lfcxml 03.01.2016 1.2.2 Patch in configure.ac just relevant for FreeBSD compiles, since for configure /bin/sh is used, which cannot handle LDFLAGS+= " $LFC_LIBS" assignment. Instead LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS $LFC_LIBS" is used now
Version released
lfcxml 31.12.2015 1.2.1 Version released
lfcxml 31.12.2015 1.2.1 Fix in configure.ac to the up path for lfc base library in a right way
lfcxml 30.12.2015 1.2.0 Version released
lfcxml 18.11.2015 1.1.8 Version released
lfcxml 18.11.2015 1.1.8 Added automake check suite to package
Small fix for XMLSuite constructor for pInStream initialization
lfcxml 13.02.2014 1.1.7 Version released
lfcxml 20.01.2014 1.1.6 Version released
lfcxml 19.01.2014 1.1.6 Small patch has been added to XMLSuite to catch exception in case of xml string buffer exceeds ( Thanks, David )
lfcxml 05.06.2013 1.1.5 Small fixes for build process regarding sample build ( xmltest ) Library include path was missing, which lead to build problems on some platforms ( FreeBSD )
lfcxml 01.06.2013 1.1.4 Removed copyright header with old FSF adress
lfcxml 19.05.2013 1.1.3 Version released
lfcxml 16.05.2013 1.1.2 Adpations for lfcbase name change. Added shared library version information
lfcxml 13.05.2013 1.1.0 Version released
lfcxml 13.05.2013 1.1.0 Adaptions made for current autoconf support. The configure.ac and Makefile.am files have been modified.
lfcxml 21.07.2012 1.0.27 Version released
lfcxml 16.07.2012 1.0.27 Some small adaption made in Makefile for smooth minGW32 compile
lfcxml 25.07.2011 1.0.26 Made destructors for XMLInStream and XMLOutStream virtual This solves a compile problem occured with the clang++ compiler ( version 3.0 )
lfcxml 01.06.2011 1.0.25 Increased MAXSTRINGLEN constant to 100000
lfcxml 31.05.2011 1.0.25 Added escape sequence to XMLEscapce::descape
lfcxml 21.11.2010 1.0.24 Small adaptions for clean Linux ( Ubuntu 10.10 ) compile
lfcxml 17.09.2010 1.0.23 Changed library install location to plain lib directory ( instead of lib/lfc )
lfcxml 05.09.2010 1.0.21 Name change to lfcxml ( Lemke Foundation Classes XML extension ) to avoid naming conflicts
lfcxml 12.06.2010 1.0.20 Shared library build patch for FreeBSD
lfcxml 21.02.2010 1.0.19 Added Mac OSX support for shared libraries
lfcxml 18.02.2010 1.0.18 Added method Element::hasAttribute
lfcxml 21.06.2009 1.0.16 Shared library support added
lfcxml 28.04.2009 1.0.15 Added blob cdata support for stream elements ( used to store blobs ) Fix of escape bug in Element::setText method
lfcxml 07.01.2009 1.0.13 Small bug fix in Document::setRootElement ( catched zero value )
lfcxml 09.10.2007 1.0.12 Added newline to getXMLChain methods and the end of export
lfcxml 16.09.2007 1.0.11 Changed Element constructor for explicit reference count defintion ( to avaid memory leaks )
lfcxml 07.07.2007 1.0.9 Added createClone method to class Element
lfcxml 18.06.2007 1.0.8 Improved performance with new created parser ( dragon 1.2.10 )
lfcxml 08.06.2007 1.0.8 Reference count bug fix
lfcxml 14.04.2007 1.0.7 Improved error message in case of XML syntax errors Public release
lfcxml 11.04.2007 1.0.7 Some adaptions to the configure.ac file ( for multithreaded compile on Solaris )
lfcxml 16.03.2007 1.0.6 Public release
lfcxml 07.03.2007 1.0.6 Bug fix in XMLSuite::nextChar(). Added moreData call after scanning " character for string values This bug lead to empty attribute values in some special cases "
lfcxml 05.03.2007 1.0.6 Eliminated newline in XML chain in case of empty content Added classes XMLInStream and XMLOutStream as super classes for user controlled stream handling This is useful to handle huge amount of input or output data
lfcxml 28.01.2007 1.0.5 Proper format returned by XMLSuite::getXMLChain method. Whitespaces in content are stripped and the tag structure of the xml tree is mapped to an appropriate output format
lfcxml 26.01.2007 1.0.4 Fixed Element::getXMLText to use XMLEscaper Fixed XMLEscaper
lfcxml 22.01.2007 1.0.4 Added XMLEscaper class for consolidated escape character treatment
lfcxml 19.01.2007 1.0.4 Fixed a bug in XMLSuite::nextChar(). moreData must not return next char to scanner ( this fails in case of quote-characters as the first sign ) Rather, a surrounded while-loop leads to the further input handling Exception is catches in case of exceeding content buffer
lfcxml 14.01.2007 1.0.3 Public release
lfcxml 06.01.2007 1.0.3 Handling of excape sequences ( for < sign ) in Attribute::setValue and Attribute::getValue method
lfcxml 01.01.2007 1.0.2 Fixed a memory leak in Document::clear(). Root element was not deleted
lfcxml 09.12.2006 1.0.1 Adapted version for base 1.0.4 Compiler Cleanup for Forte C++ ( Solaris )
lfcxml 02.12.2006 1.0.0 Prepared XML library for reading large file streams With the XMLSuite::setFile method, the XML stream is buffered read from a file