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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
cego 23.09.2019 2.45.7 Version released
cego 22.09.2019 2.45.7 Added method CegoBTreeNode::verifyLeafFull for full btree verification in a sense, that each btree value is compared with the corresponding table data entry via datapointer reference
cego 22.09.2019 2.45.7 Fix in CegoSelect::setVIewCond, a view condition id has to be calculated which is later used for getQueryId(). Otherwise, wrong query cache entries are used in case of views with outer conditions
cego 05.08.2019 2.45.6 Version released
lfcbase 05.08.2019 1.14.2 Version released
cego 04.08.2019 2.45.6 Added command line option --fsync to enable physical disk synchronisation for logging and checkpointing. This options slows down database significantly but ensures consistent data in case of an operating system crash
lfcbase 04.08.2019 1.14.2 In configure.ac added check for darwin. This is required, since for File::flush implemention, darwin rather requires a fcntl call with option F_FULLFSYNC instead of fsync ( see OSX man page for fsync )
lfcbase 14.07.2019 1.14.1 Version released
lfcbase 14.07.2019 1.14.1 Adaptions made for clean mingw compiles
cego 14.07.2019 2.45.5 Version released