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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
cego 28.10.2020 2.45.29 Version released
lfcbase 28.10.2020 1.14.6 Version released
cego 28.10.2020 2.45.29 Linux compatibility fix added in src/CegoAdmAction ( added stdlib.h and string.h include )
lfcbase 28.10.2020 1.14.6 Linux compatibility fix in basecheck/NetClient.cc ( include stdlib.h added )
lfcbase 26.10.2020 1.14.5 Version released
lfcbase 26.10.2020 1.14.5 Fix added in BigDecimal::div method. Dividend has to be checked for zero value, otherwise the method ends in an infinite loop by evaluating corScale value
cego 22.10.2020 2.45.28 Version released
cego 21.10.2020 2.45.28 Change in CegoAction::execProcCall and CegoAction::execFuncCall, procedure/function arguments are evaluated and cast in this methods now. This is needed, to support string to clob casting for procedure arguments. As a consequence the CegoProcedure::execute method has been changed to receive ListT instead of ListT.
cego 06.10.2020 2.45.27 Version released
cego 03.10.2020 2.45.27 Added format fix to CegoAction::formatTableInfo, to treat very long object names, max name length of all corresponding objects is now calculated and output is printed in appropriate format