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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
cego 17.05.2019 2.44.14 Version released
cego 17.05.2019 2.44.14 Adapted copyright
cego 17.05.2019 2.44.14 Some improved exception handling in CegoTableManager::checkIntegrity ( more detail information about violated object )
cego 15.05.2019 2.44.14 Code cleanup CegoTableManager, drop/create/alter operations inside a transaction no more allowed
cego 12.05.2019 2.44.13 Version released
cego 12.05.2019 2.44.13 Version passed checkCrashRecovery with the following parameters
All relevant checkpoint situations have been observed over all run
cego 12.05.2019 2.44.13 Introduced CegoBufferPool::getCPCount() to return to current checkpoint count. This method is used by CegoTableManager, CegoObjectManager and CegoTransactionManager to decide, if a consitency checkpoint is required
cego 12.05.2019 2.44.13 Fix in CegoBTreeManager::checkDuplicate, the check for uflag ( returned CegoBTreeNode::valueExists ) to check for high value is not enough if, entries have been deleted from node.
Instead, all subsequent pages have to be checked until a value higher is found
cego 11.05.2019 2.44.13 Further recovery fix in CegoTableManager::insertDataTable In case of an insert exception ( e.g. duplicate pkey ), a checkpoint is forced now after deleteData to ensure file consistency
In CegoObjectManager::insertPageData a second checkpoint is forced after data copy, if a previous checkpoint has occured. Otherwise this insert might be ignored during recovery because of lower LSN
cego 11.05.2019 2.44.12 Version released