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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
lfcbase 14.07.2019 1.14.1 Version released
lfcbase 14.07.2019 1.14.1 Adaptions made for clean mingw compiles
cego 14.07.2019 2.45.5 Version released
lfcbase 14.07.2019 1.14.0 Version released
cego 13.07.2019 2.45.5 In CegoClient, added input data check via File::hasData ( available with lfcbase 1.14.0 ). Now, pipe input is autodetected, so the command line argument "--pipe" has been removed
lfcbase 13.07.2019 1.14.0 Added File::hasData method to check for available input data from file descriptor ( implemented with POSIX poll function )
cego 13.07.2019 2.45.4 Version released
cego 12.07.2019 2.45.4 Code cleanup to avoid warnings with -Wswitch-enum
dragon 12.07.2019 1.5.3 Version released
dragon 12.07.2019 1.5.3 Small cosmetic patch in CPlusGenerator parse method. Instead of default, NULLACTION case has been added to avoid compile warnings with -Wswitch-enum