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Project Management / Consulting 100.00 Euro per hour
Software Development 80.00 Euro per hour
SysMT Installation Package1 850.00 Euro 1 day package
SysMT Customizing Package 2200.00 Euro 3 day package
SysMT Education Package 1530.00 Euro 3 day package
SysMT Application Support2 1850.00 Euro per month
SysMT Application Subscription3 2850.00 Euro per month
Cego Database Subscription4 1150.00 Euro per month

2) The installation includes a licence for the SysMT ITSM framework
2) 5x8 Support, no updates, limited to 150 User
3) 5x8 Support, includes updates, limited to 500 User
4) 5x8 Support, one installation single node, up to 5 tablesets, includes updates, available for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX