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Croom is a messenger application for mobile and web devices. It can be used from any Web-, iOS or Android device

  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10+
  • iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6
  • Any Android based device

Three-tier architecture

Designed as a 3-tier client server application, a mobile or web device connects to an appropriate croom server for message delivery and message retrievel. All needed information is stored in a database to which the croom server is connected to.

Provider independent

Actually, a croom server is available at croom.lemke-it.com. Since the server software is available for further usage and the server can be configured in the application settings, a croom app can also connect to any other croom server. In this sense, closed and private environments can be established.

Mutli device enabled

Since Croom is multi device enabled, a user can connect with multiple devices to server using a unique user id. All chat protocols are written in parallel to each configured device, so the user can choose any of his devices to follow a discussion.

APN support

For iOS devices, Croom supports Apple Push Notifications. If enabled on your device, you can receive notifications about incoming messages, also if your Croom application is not running.


Croom does not require access to any private information stored on your mobile device. All required information is stored and retrieved from the corresponding croom server. In future versions, en-to-end data encryption will be supported. See the product roadmap for further information.

Getting started

Users for Croom are registered using an online registration procedure. For registration, please use the link Croom Registration

After registration, you will receive a personal email with your Croom user data. With this account data, you can immediately start with the Croom Web Device. For using your mobile device, you still have to install the app and set up you user account in the app setting section.

Installation and setup of croom is pretty easy. For Android devices, you can access the app with the download link listed below or by typing directly the download link http://https://www.lemke-it.com:443/

To install Croom on you iOS device requires access to the Apple Store and search for the croom app.

For a detailed description of the croom app, a complete Users Guide is available. See the Change Log for a history of changes, which has been done for the app. To see what is going on and will come along the way, look at the Roadmap

Croom will be available for download soon