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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
cegopython 20.06.2024 1.0.0 Initial implementation started. The cego python driver requires at least cego version 2.49.3, since this version contains several enhancements for the C wrapper API
cego 20.06.2024 2.49.3 Added several patches and extendsion for C wrapper API
cego 13.06.2024 2.49.2 Version released
cego 13.06.2024 2.49.2 Added patches in CegoQueryCache to improve locking. For the addEntry method, the complete locking logic was redesigned to avoid deadlocks
cego 04.06.2024 2.49.1 Version released
cego 04.06.2024 2.49.1 Added missing thread lock information for admin thread list and thread stat command ( query + table locks, logmanager locks )
cego 03.06.2024 2.49.1 Added patch for CegoQueryCache to make cacheLock dedicated for each tableset.
lfcxml 02.06.2024 1.3.7 Version released
lfcxml 02.06.2024 1.3.7 Patch added in XMLSuite.cc to treat CDATA lookahead correctly. Trailing square brackets ( ] ) at the end of cdata might cause parsing problems
cegojdbc 15.05.2024 1.11.0 Version released