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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
cego 08.08.2023 2.48.29 Version released
cego 08.08.2023 2.48.29 Fix added in CegoAggregation::decode, c flag was not decoded correctly ( wrong order in memcpy function )
cegodbd 30.07.2023 1.5.3 Version released
cegodbd 30.07.2023 1.5.3 Small patch in dbdimp.h ( elimination register variable ) to compile with FreeBSD 14
cego 29.07.2023 2.48.28 Version released
cego 29.07.2023 2.48.28 Fix added in CegoProcQueryStmt::execute, after execution of the query, the cleanUp method must be called to avoid leaks regarding stored proc object use ( this corresponds to the new optimized stored proc handling )
cego 27.06.2023 2.48.27 Version released
cego 27.06.2023 2.48.27 In CegoFunction constructors, added _pProc = 0 initialization for decoding and fromElement constructors. This avoid a set fault, in case of database recovery, when a predicate expression with user function is dedoded from log file
cego 14.06.2023 2.48.26 Version released
cego 14.06.2023 2.48.26 Patch addd for tableset stop procedure. With the new optimized stored procedure handling ( CegoFunction module ), the object cleanup must be done BEFORE the tableset is finally stopped. Otherwise an uncaught exception occurs ( tableset not online ) which results in database crash after tableset shutdown. Several modules have been modified for this
cego 12.05.2023 2.48.25 Version released
cego 12.05.2023 2.48.25 Patch added in CegoFunction to avoid useObject leaks
cego 11.05.2023 2.48.24 Version released
cego 11.05.2023 2.48.24 Performance improvement added for stored procedures. In CegoFunction, the procedure handle now is stored after first stored procedure call ( instead of freeing the handle and request it again with the next call ) So for subsequent function calls, the handle is already available, which improves stored procedure execution time significantly.
As a consequene, code has been added for cleanUp the handle at the end of the query ( object is also in use during the whole query with CegoDatabaseManager::useObject and must be unused by cleanup )
cego 28.04.2023 2.48.23 Version released
cego 28.04.2023 2.48.23 Patch added in CegoTableManager::updateTuple, reactivated evalExtTableReferences method call, since this is needed for update with nested selects, where external attributes are referenced in combination with enabled query cache ( e.g. update t1 set a = ( select a from t2 where t1.b = t2.b ) )
cegojdbc 13.04.2023 1.10.3 Version released
cegojdbc 13.04.2023 1.10.3 Patches in CegoPreparedStatement to replace date function with dateformat function
cego 05.04.2023 2.48.22 Version released
lfcbase 05.04.2023 1.18.5 Version released
cego 05.04.2023 2.48.22 Changes in CegoAdmScreen::DBThread panel to show long queries with new Screen2::Message panel
lfcbase 05.04.2023 1.18.5 Improvements for Screen2:Message panel
lfcbase 30.03.2023 1.18.4 Version released
lfcbase 29.03.2023 1.18.4 Added scrollable feature to Screen2::Message, so longer messages can be handeled now be the panel
cego 21.03.2023 2.48.21 Version released
cego 21.03.2023 2.48.21 Fix added for CegoAdmScreen in tableset parameter panel. Initfile was not setup correctly ( null value indicated, should be empty string )
cego 15.03.2023 2.48.20 Version released
cego 15.03.2023 2.48.20 Added default append mode setting for tableset.
WIth cgadm the appendmode can be setup ( e.g. enable appendmode for TS1 )
It may be useful to have enabled appendmode at default for insert intensive tableset configurations
lfcxml 09.03.2023 1.3.6 Version released
lfcxml 09.03.2023 1.3.6 Since there occur some build problems on FreeBSD, a rebuild of configure and Makefile.am with ( a newer version of ) autoreconf on Ubuntu Linux system was done
cego 06.03.2023 2.48.19 Version released
lfcbase 06.03.2023 1.18.3 Version released
cego 06.03.2023 2.48.19 Added parameter menu item to CegoAdmScreen tableset action menu to customize tableset sortareasize, autocorrect, checkpoint interval and init file
cego 05.03.2023 2.48.19 Added Edit menu to CegoAdmScreen to modify tableset entries in status DEFINED
lfcbase 04.03.2023 1.18.3 Code cleanup, made Screen2:Panel:~Panel virtual to avoid compiler warnings
cego 04.03.2023 2.48.19 Code cleanup, elimination of same warnings regarding unreachable case statements ( no issues, just to satisfy compiler )
cego 03.03.2023 2.48.18 Version released
cego 03.03.2023 2.48.18 Some adaptions for extended Screen2 interface with refresh customizing.
lfcbase 03.03.2023 1.18.2 Version released
lfcbase 03.03.2023 1.18.2 Opimization in Screen2 to customize screen refreshes ( introduced virtual method Panel::doRefresh )
cego 03.03.2023 2.48.17 Version released
cego 03.03.2023 2.48.17 Fixes added for CegoAdmScreen, to avoid too many admin requests, backup panel and data file panel are just refreshed initially and after add objects.
Fix added in CegoObjectManager::alterObject, the getNewFilePage has been changed to type CegoObject::SYSTEM. Otherwise, a page from a tuple datafile is allocated, which results in strange effects
lfcbase 27.02.2023 1.18.1 Version released
lfcbase 27.02.2023 1.18.1 Patches added for clean MinGW compile. It seems, the MinGW people took some changes in the system libraries API ( e.g. mkdir, sigaction and ioctl ) No effect for Unix compiles
cego 15.02.2023 2.48.16 Version released
cego 15.02.2023 2.48.16 Fix added for CegoAdmScreen, the data file root path still was not added to new datafiles in the tableset add datafile mask
cegobridge 26.01.2023 1.6.4 Version released
cego 26.01.2023 2.48.15 Version released
cegobridge 26.01.2023 1.6.4 Fixes for new dateformat function ( cego-2.48.13 and up ) and more sophisticated database procedure use ( select in procedure )
cego 26.01.2023 2.48.15 Fixes added in CegoAction and CegoSelect to treat cego parser with tablemanager pointer = 0. This is needed for cegobridge to parse procedures and generated other db specific code
cego 24.01.2023 2.48.14 Version released
cego 23.01.2023 2.48.14 Fix added in CegoObjectManager::alterObject, after freeing old page entry, page should be unfixed with marked as dirty. In the main loop, unfix has been changed to dirty = false
cego 22.01.2023 2.48.13 Version released
cego 18.01.2023 2.48.12 Version released
cego 18.01.2023 2.48.12 Added function dateformat which can be feeded with two expressions to return a datetime value from a given format and value string ( analog to date(x,y) which expects constant input values )
cego 17.01.2023 2.48.12 Added more date functions to the datefunc package. Now there are the following date functions available

int second(datetime d)
int minute(datetime d)
int hour(datetime d)
int day(datetime d)
int month(datetime d)
int year(datetime d)
datetime plusHour(datetime d, int hr)
datetime plusDay(datetime d, int dy)
datetime plusMonth(datetime d, int mt)
datetime plusYear(datetime d, int yr)
datetime minusHour(datetime d, int hr)
datetime minusDay(datetime d, int dy)
datetime minusMonth(datetime d, int mt)
datetime minusYear(datetime d, int yr)
cego 17.01.2023 2.48.12 In CegoMain, added DEFAULTDATETIMEFORMAT1 to dateFormat list to also parse this format for native cast from string to datetime
cego 05.01.2023 2.48.11 Version released
cego 05.01.2023 2.48.11 Added Query Cache menu to CegoAdmScreen to manage query cache parameters
cegobridge 03.01.2023 1.6.3 Version released
cegobridge 03.01.2023 1.6.3 Fixes added
cego 03.01.2023 2.48.10 Added lfcbase Screen2 support to CegoAdmScreen
lfcbase 03.01.2023 1.18.0 Uplift to Version 1.18.0 with released Screen2 interface
lfcbase 26.12.2022 1.17.5 Added Screen2 class, which is next generation implementation of Screen in a more object oriented manner. See Screen2Test.cc in the basecheck directory how to use Screen2
cego 21.12.2022 2.48.9 Version released
cego 21.12.2022 2.48.9 Fixes added for alias object usage ( e.g. in combination with views )
cego 20.12.2022 2.48.9 Added defTabSetId parameter to several toChain methods to write views, procedures and triggers without explizit tableset references. This migtht be useful, if a tableset dump just references objects for a single tableset and it should be loaded to a tableset with a different name. ( e.g. select a from t1@TS1 is written as select a from t1, if active tableset is TS1 )
cego 16.12.2022 2.48.8 Version released
cego 15.12.2022 2.48.8 Fix added in CegoAction::execViewCreate(), in case of grace mode, empty schema must be stored with created view to force recompile via CegoDistManager::reloadView
cego 28.11.2022 2.48.7 Version released
cego 28.11.2022 2.48.7 Fix for CegoSelect::nextTuple, _cacheSchema was not setup for union selects in case of empty result of the first union entry. This leads to an exception with cache claim leak. The claim leak has also been fixed by adding a cleanUp call to CegoSelect destructor
cego 26.11.2022 2.48.6 Version released
cego 26.11.2022 2.48.6 Introduced grace mode for graceful object creation. Using this mode, views and procedures can refer to objects, which still not exist. This mode might be useful for initial loads ( e.g. from a dump file ) to avoid dependency errors
cego 25.11.2022 2.48.6 Fixes added for CegoClient dump and batch mode, has been tested with more complex acc application
cego 24.11.2022 2.48.6 Fixes added in CegoClient for dump mode. Some attribute and attribute values have not treated correctly ( default values, dimension for fixed attributes, clob values )
cego 24.11.2022 2.48.6 More improvements for online backup / restore. Branch id is now added to archive log filename, so in case of new created or data file modified tablesets, the corresponding logfiles can be filtered. Archive logfile information for ready-for-archive and archived logfiles has been added to archive log information
cego 22.11.2022 2.48.5 Version released
lfcbase 22.11.2022 1.17.4 Version released
cego 22.11.2022 2.48.5 Further improvements for cgadm screen mode. confirm dialogs added and backup log history indicated for online backups in case of errors
lfcbase 22.11.2022 1.17.4 Further improvements for Screen::showFormBox and showInfoBox ( selected rows and newline treatment )
cego 21.11.2022 2.48.4 Version released
cego 21.11.2022 2.48.4 Added backup branch option for backup manager. So just valid backup files can be treated by the manager. New sample backup manager available in samples/chkdb
lfcbase 20.11.2022 1.17.3 Version released
cego 20.11.2022 2.48.3 Version released
lfcbase 20.11.2022 1.17.3 Fix for some geometries in Screen::showFormBox
cego 20.11.2022 2.48.3 Introduced Backup branch id for online backup verification. Due to datafile page id constraints, just online backups can be recovered inside one backup branch. Creation of a tableset and adding a datafile to a tableset violates this contraint, so a new backup branch is created.
cego 18.11.2022 2.48.2 Version released
lfcbase 18.11.2022 1.17.2 Version released
cego 18.11.2022 2.48.2 Small adaptions for cgadm screen mode window sizes ( corresponds to lfcbase-1.17.2 )
lfcbase 18.11.2022 1.17.2 Improvements done for Screen::showFormBox ( scrolling content in input mask )
cego 17.11.2022 2.48.1 Version released
lfcbase 17.11.2022 1.17.1 Version released
cegojdbc 16.11.2022 1.10.2 Version released
cegojdbc 16.11.2022 1.10.2 Added support for cego 2.48
cego 16.11.2022 2.48.0 Version released
lfcbase 16.11.2022 1.17.0 Version released
cego 15.11.2022 2.48.0 Uplift to next minor version, since many changes habe in CegoAdmScreen class ( was CegoAdmMon ). This requires lfc-1.17.0. Several stabilization fixes also have been added. For database xml file, a unique database id has been introduced to validate ticket file from performed online backups ( db id must match )
lfcbase 15.11.2022 1.17.0 Uplift to Version 1.17.0 since many changed have been made to Screen class ( was Monitor ). The changes require a recompile for consuming packages ( here : cego )
cego 13.11.2022 2.47.37 Fix added in CegoXMLSpace for user and role create routines. In case of already defined entities, exception was thrown before xml lock release Fix added in CegoXMLSpace::getActiveTableSet to also retrieve offline tablesets via includeOffline flag. This is needed for CegoLogThreadPool to archive occupied logfiles for tablesets in status offline ( for other reasons, runstate is set now at the beginning of the tableset stop procedure )
lfcbase 13.11.2022 1.16.8 Improvements done for ncurses based Monitor class. Added confirm box and improved form box