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In the following, change log entries for the managed software packages are shown

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Category Date Version Log
cego 08.08.2023 2.48.29 Version released
cego 08.08.2023 2.48.29 Fix added in CegoAggregation::decode, c flag was not decoded correctly ( wrong order in memcpy function )
cegodbd 30.07.2023 1.5.3 Version released
cegodbd 30.07.2023 1.5.3 Small patch in dbdimp.h ( elimination register variable ) to compile with FreeBSD 14
cego 29.07.2023 2.48.28 Version released
cego 29.07.2023 2.48.28 Fix added in CegoProcQueryStmt::execute, after execution of the query, the cleanUp method must be called to avoid leaks regarding stored proc object use ( this corresponds to the new optimized stored proc handling )
cego 27.06.2023 2.48.27 Version released
cego 27.06.2023 2.48.27 In CegoFunction constructors, added _pProc = 0 initialization for decoding and fromElement constructors. This avoid a set fault, in case of database recovery, when a predicate expression with user function is dedoded from log file
cego 14.06.2023 2.48.26 Version released
cego 14.06.2023 2.48.26 Patch addd for tableset stop procedure. With the new optimized stored procedure handling ( CegoFunction module ), the object cleanup must be done BEFORE the tableset is finally stopped. Otherwise an uncaught exception occurs ( tableset not online ) which results in database crash after tableset shutdown. Several modules have been modified for this
cego 12.05.2023 2.48.25 Version released
cego 12.05.2023 2.48.25 Patch added in CegoFunction to avoid useObject leaks
cego 11.05.2023 2.48.24 Version released
cego 11.05.2023 2.48.24 Performance improvement added for stored procedures. In CegoFunction, the procedure handle now is stored after first stored procedure call ( instead of freeing the handle and request it again with the next call ) So for subsequent function calls, the handle is already available, which improves stored procedure execution time significantly.
As a consequene, code has been added for cleanUp the handle at the end of the query ( object is also in use during the whole query with CegoDatabaseManager::useObject and must be unused by cleanup )
cego 28.04.2023 2.48.23 Version released
cego 28.04.2023 2.48.23 Patch added in CegoTableManager::updateTuple, reactivated evalExtTableReferences method call, since this is needed for update with nested selects, where external attributes are referenced in combination with enabled query cache ( e.g. update t1 set a = ( select a from t2 where t1.b = t2.b ) )
cegojdbc 13.04.2023 1.10.3 Version released
cegojdbc 13.04.2023 1.10.3 Patches in CegoPreparedStatement to replace date function with dateformat function
cego 05.04.2023 2.48.22 Version released
lfcbase 05.04.2023 1.18.5 Version released
cego 05.04.2023 2.48.22 Changes in CegoAdmScreen::DBThread panel to show long queries with new Screen2::Message panel
lfcbase 05.04.2023 1.18.5 Improvements for Screen2:Message panel
lfcbase 30.03.2023 1.18.4 Version released
lfcbase 29.03.2023 1.18.4 Added scrollable feature to Screen2::Message, so longer messages can be handeled now be the panel
cego 21.03.2023 2.48.21 Version released
cego 21.03.2023 2.48.21 Fix added for CegoAdmScreen in tableset parameter panel. Initfile was not setup correctly ( null value indicated, should be empty string )
cego 15.03.2023 2.48.20 Version released
cego 15.03.2023 2.48.20 Added default append mode setting for tableset.
WIth cgadm the appendmode can be setup ( e.g. enable appendmode for TS1 )
It may be useful to have enabled appendmode at default for insert intensive tableset configurations
lfcxml 09.03.2023 1.3.6 Version released
lfcxml 09.03.2023 1.3.6 Since there occur some build problems on FreeBSD, a rebuild of configure and Makefile.am with ( a newer version of ) autoreconf on Ubuntu Linux system was done